You’ve heard the horror stories. Your buddy hired a guy to build his business website, and after the site was built, the web guy dropped off the face of the planet.

We know how scary it can be to build a website for your business. You have to trust the people who are doing the work, and you have to know they’re not going to disappear when it is all said and done—because business is fluid, and your website needs to be adjusted, updated and maintained over time.

IQ IT offers everything from simple websites to complex functionality to automated business process integration—and we support it all, end to end, with our dedicated staff.

Our Web solution will give you the confidence of knowing your website meets your business needs, it can grow and expand with your company, and you are never left on your own to manage it. We can even host your site in our state-of-the-art data center to give you 24/7 peace of mind. Your site data will always be secure, and it will always be accessible.

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